Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The outside...

A few more exterior updates:

Stonework Finished!

Luckily we had a few warm days while he finished.

And we now have a front pad in front of the garage!

While my dad worked on the stone, some of Adam's buddies and a few hired guys finished the front driveway pad and the sidewalk. And I was home sick so I snuck outside and snapped a few photos of the work in progress.

Matt running the show.
curved sidewalk in the making.
I requested a curve in my sidewalk instead of just a straight angle. I can't wait to have grass and flowers around it instead of a bunch of mud...someday...

Smoothing it out.
And the finished product, well juuuust about finished.

My dad is still going to wrap the front porch with stone, but that can wait until it is warmer out!

And we are waiting for the builder to come back and put our columns up now that my dad is done taking over the front porch.

um don't mind the trash...

and excuse the tarps...and concrete blankets..
We can't thank my dad enough for the work he did for us. Not only did he finish our beautiful fireplace, right on deadline (move in day!) He worked 12-14 hour days sometimes for 4-5 days straight...and sometimes in FREEEEEEZING cold weather on the exterior. We love love love it. Thanks dad.

And also thank you to our friends who helped not only with the front pad but the back pad too. We are lucky to have great friends & family in our lives.

Who else needs stonework done? I know a guy..


  1. I love your house! It looks amazing!

  2. GORGEOUS stone work, wow! It's really starting to look finished!

  3. It's so pretty!! Your dad does awesome work.

  4. It looks so sosososososososo good!

  5. Amazing. Your dad is a machine! I love following your progress:)

  6. Looking good! I am so jealous that you guys are able to work outside this time of year. All of our outside work is put on hold until at least the end of March, probably later though.

  7. Your house is GORGEOUS! Can't wait to see more as it develops :)

  8. OMG it looks so good girl! It's soooooo pretty! Your dad is the man!

  9. Looking good girlie! Thank goodness for handy dads!!!


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