Friday, January 11, 2013

Happy Friday..the end of the snow

Today, the snow is almost all melted. And we are finally getting a driveway and sidewalk to the front door along with it.

Adam took the day off and with the help of a few buddies and just a couple of hired guys, I will finally be able to get back into the garage with my car!

I have never ever had a garage for myself until we moved to this house in October. And then all of sudden...I didn't really have one again. I did...I just couldn't drive my car into it for almost a month. A long month...
You see, we've had the driveway pad framed out since Christmas ready to pour, but first there was rain. And then snow. So much snow.

Scout watched is snow all evening.

I didn't mind at first, because it was beautiful.

It even covered up all the scrap lumber that is still in the backyard.
But, after a few days of not being able to park in the garage (due to the framing set up) and having to walk through the snow in my skirt and heels...I had had enough.

Goodbye beautiful snow...for now I welcome the mud!

Is there still snow at your house? It is going to be in the 50's today here today!


  1. I love this last pic... We haven't seen snow yet. It will be in the mid 70's this weekend. Feels like SPRANG in January!

  2. It is poooooouring rain here today! So weird for January. While it's sloppy right now, I do like the warmer temperatures.

  3. We had a similar issue with our garage. It was all built but we couldn't park in it :(. We can use one side of it now (there are building materials stacked up in front of the other side right now) and it is so nice!
    I am jealous of how little snow you have and that it's going to be gone soon. We are currently at -24*C, so -11 in american with a bunch of snow. Bleh. It'll probably be white here until March or April.

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