Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday Favorite: Thrift store find

So, I popped into my local thrift that usually has crap but since I had an extra 15 minutes before my lunch hour was up and it was next door, I figured what the hey. And I am glad I did.

Like shopping at any thrift store, mostly the aisles were filled with piles of ugly wicker baskets, bins of bras (yuck), and a lots of cheap bookcases and toys...but there was a gem nestled among the stacks of orangey oak picture frames...

ooooo aaaaahhh.
A Fancy-ish mirror! and for only 5 buckaroos.  Fancy & ornate does not really go in our house...but..I think I can make some changes to the mirror to make it less golden-fancy and more us.
So what should do I do with it?

Well, I thought about it.
Then I poured myself a glass of wine and thought about it some more.

thanks for the yummy wine Mom!
 I think it will get a fun paint job, and go in my walk-in-closet.  A preview post of our walk in closets is coming next week!

Any good finds at your thrift stores this week? Does yours have bins of old lady bras too?
What color would you paint the mirror? Or would you leave the gold?


  1. I actually kind of like the gold, but I'd probably paint it black!

  2. Heck of a deal! I sort of like the gold too.. But if nothing else, it could make a nice wine glass sitter on topper.

  3. I'd paint it black or white, or maybe a fun color like red, or aqua! Clearly I am no help here. Great find though!

  4. I'm glad we share a love for wine and thrift shops!! Meant to be! Do you read Young House Love? They have a thrift store challenge they just posted about today based on the Macklemore song Thrift Shop. So hilarious, if you haven't heard that song YouTube's so addictive!!

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  6. I have one kinda like this too. It's been living under my bed for about 2 years while I decide what to do with it. :) I know whatever you do will be inspiring!

  7. I absolutely love it!

    My suggestion: hang it where you want it and leave it for a few months. I have a gold/brass mirror that we got as a wedding gift. For our first year, it lived at my parents' place. Then, when we remodeled the bathroom in our house, I thought it would work in there, painted of course. It didn't so I ended up hanging it in our bedroom, then our living room. Originally, I thought I hated the brassy finish and planned to paint it white or black or turquoise. But, it grew on me and now I have a full-fledged love of brass accents. So glad I didn't paint it.

    Long story short... live with it for a while and make sure you really do want to change it!

    1. I might be waiting awhile to paint it since the weather is so crappy anyways...especially since the vote was to leave it gold I might just follow your advice for awhile!

  8. I pretty sure that Grandma Q has the same mirror at her house hanging up stairs! I was at her house last night and as soon as I saw it I thought of this post! If you want 2 of them.. she may be able to hook you up! Love ya Trixi!!!


    1. Well, if I every figure out what I will do with it I might be giving gram a call LOL weird! love you too!

  9. Awesome find in between those bins of bras! BTW...that's freakin' weird! I've never been to a thrift store that had bras haha! It's funny I used to hate gold but now it's kinda' growing on me! I know you'll do something cute with it!

  10. What a lovely find! No bra bins at our thrift store, but buckets and buckets of doorknobs... and not the cool old vintage kind, the nasty peeling fake brass kind. I've yet to come up with a good diy project for that...


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