Sunday, December 16, 2012

DIY: Dresser to 1/2 Bath Vanity

Last week I shared with you our DIY rustic farmhouse table. Today, I have another DIY project to share. This time, the half bathroom vanity sink. This guest powder room is so tiny--our first thought was to go with a simple pedestal sink.

Then, we picked up this old dresser this summer at my favorite flea market the Third Sunday Market in Bloomington, IL.

50 dolla holla.

We paid fifty bucks for it. It was marked $65 so we did talk him down a few bucks. It was in rough shape. Grimy too. 
It was the perfect size, and I loved the floral design on the little door. I'm not even a floral design kind of girl, but for some reason this seemed to be less grandma floral and more chic floral...idk

Sanding and filling nail holes is not my favorite.

Someone had beat this thing up, it had nail holes in the top, and scratches and dings everywhere. I filled the nail holes and sanded it down.
I applied few coats of Minwax Special Walnut, and a few coats of poly to shine it up and protect it.

The sweet drawer pulls were removed soaked in hot water to get the nasty sticky gunk off. Then I gave these babies a few coats of ORB to match the rest of the hardware in the house.
Much better in ORB.

We purchased a vessel sink and faucet off of Ebay. I did get a hell of a deal on this sink. I won the bid on Ebay for 80 bucks including the shipping. The sink alone retails for $400!

And the below photo shows the true room color. Sherwin Williams 7521 Dormer Brown.

The light fixture is from good old Menards.
Completed with a mirror I've had since Jr. High. My grandma gave it to me for Christmas or a birthday and I had it in my bedroom at home and even through college. I did sand down the original finish and put a coat of our favorite Minwax Jacobean on it.

1/2 Bath. Finished!

Dresser $50 flea market find
Sink $80 winning bid on Ebay
Faucet $40 Ebay

Under $200 bucks on my very own one of a kind custom vanity!

What do you think of our vanity? Is it your style?
Have you ever shopped at the Third Sunday Market in Bloomington, IL? Deals?
Do you shop on Ebay?


  1. It turned out great... I love the vintage feel it has!

  2. You did a great job. I love it.
    Aunt MO

  3. That is fantastic! Exactly what we did too. Found an old carpenters chest at an antique store. Love it, girlie!

  4. Ahhh! It's perfect - especially since it would have originally been used as a wash stand! Good job!

  5. VERY cool! I would have never imagined it as a vanity! It really ads something special to the room.

  6. So awesome! I love the built in towel rail!

    It would look super cute with some guest toiletries in a basket hanging off it... or maybe in one of those ikea cutlery caddies that hang off the wall?

  7. What a beautiful, unique piece, and I can't believe you pulled it off for only $200! High fives!

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  9. I'm officially your new stalker. I love this post, mostly because I also bought a dresser {for $50!!} that we're doing the same thing with!! Sheesh...this is getting scary... I'm painting mine tho. :P And we might attempt a concrete top... But yes to the vessel!! Yours looks awesome!

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