Sunday, December 2, 2012

Currently on the outside...

My dad is still hard at work on the exterior stone. He has been working from early morning before the dinner time...and sometimes after each day.

Night working...
Saturday he had a helper.
Adam and him worked all day Saturday....
Adam helps by cutting the stone for him and mixing mortar and bringing it up the scaffolding to him. 

and all day Sunday.

He is doing a great job and we love the way it looks already. He likes to do the work, but he said he is sick of seeing stone right now! I can understand working 13-14 hours a day on it!

Luckily we have had super nice weather all week. It has been unseasonably warm here in southern Illinois. It was in the upper 60's today and will be warm all week again.

His plan is to finish the upper portions now and head back north home for a little bit. Then when he comes back he can hang heavy tarps under the porch and finish if Winter weather actually kicks in.

Are you having unseasonably warm weather where you are too? 
What do you think of the progress on the exterior?

More interior photos coming this week!


  1. Great job! Looks fantastic! Definitely worth all the effort.

  2. It's looking great! I can't wait to see it finished.

    We are having really warm weather here this week. Mid 70's today and the next few days then it's back into the upper 50's. Hard to get in the Christmas spirit when it feels like Spring. GAH!

    1. i love the warm weather but it just feels too strange to be putting up christmas i am not doing it today either LOL

  3. That is a HUGE job. D did the stone on our fireplace, but we had to hire out all the exterior. It was just too much. And I don't think we have as much as you do! Kudos to daddy and hubby!! It's looking really beautiful. :)

    1. Yours is beautiful too! We contemplated hiring the exterior out, but since my dad is off work all winter we figured we could keep him busy!

  4. It's looking good so far! We haven't started any of our stonework yet. We were going to get started on the exterior finishing but we had an early snowfall and it's been either snowy or cold every since. Yuck.

  5. wow...what a much work and they are doing an AMAZING job! The house is looking really incredible. And yes, it was in the high 50s today and looks like its going to stay that way for the remainder of the week which is very unusual for New England in December!

    1. strange weather but I am not complaining too much. Most of my winter clothes are still packed away...somewhere....

  6. What would we do without dads? Besides the whole not being born thing. The stone is looking amazing!! Good work daddio!


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