Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday Fun: a sneak peek at kitchen cabinets!

Happy Friday!

This is my life right now.....Kitchen cabinets partially installed and a bathtub in my kitchen. Who else has a bathtub in her kitchen?
I tell you what it's good for storing all that crap we buy at Menards...

The start of cabinet installation.
Here you get a sneaky peek at our kitchen cabinets being installed. As of right now, we only have the base and the island put together so they could come out and measure to cut countertops.

We are hoping the rest of the kitchen cabinets installed next week, along with all the molding that goes with it. It would be nice for kitchen countertops to be installed next week too---but who knows with the holiday.

Cross your fingers everything comes together next week. I am ready to start cooking in my new kitchen! I can't wait to do a kitchen reveal post too.
Oh and a stove. I will take a stove too. But don't worry, I am making due....this week I boiled noodles on the grill for a food day at work.

What are you doing all weekend? I am spending the weekend with my momma, my wine brother Seth, and his momma shoppinggggggggg!


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