Friday, October 5, 2012

to DC Land

We are packed and ready to go. While you are reading this we are probably still on the road. Oh man.

We are headed to Washington D.C. to see family. We are lucky enough to have more than one reason to visit.

We get to see my brother-in-law and his family, and meet our brand new nephew (and our godson!) Nolan.

We also get to see my sissy. This is her last semester at Gallaudet in Washington D.C. I haven't seen her since August. Well, in person anyway. We Facetime to chat about our Birchboxes...

This is my second trip to D.C. We went the same weekend last year for their wedding. 
After the ceremony.
Last year we flew. On a baby plane....

no sir, that is not a private jet...
This year there are no 'private jets' ...we are broke, as a joke.  We are road tripping with my SIL and her husband out there. We have the car packed with a cooler and a big bag-o-snacks. A bag full of magazines and even some movies.

So a big part of our long weekend will be spent driving, and the other half spending time with our siblings who live way too far away.

Out in DC land.

We may get to do a little sightseeing again this year, but really as long as we get some family time we will be happy.

D.C. Land,  October 2011

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Have you ever been to DC Land?  Any fun sightseeing suggestions or shopping we should check out?
Ever roadtripped for 12 hours for a long weekend?
Do you prefer flying on baby planes?


  1. Have a great weekend! I have never been to D.C., but definitely would like to go one day

  2. DC is very cool - enjoy your time and your family!

  3. Traffic was so much better at 9PM on a Saturday night, then it was when we were twittering back and forth the week before! I still don't understand how people live there though, so kudos to your fam.

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