Thursday, October 4, 2012

more flooring

Yesterday I showed you our beautiful hardwood flooring halfway through the install.

Adam and a friend of ours also spent an afternoon doing a quick install in the laundry room and the upstairs guest/future-someday kids bathroom.

It still needs a transition piece it's fine.
Also, I promise I do not have one key lime green wall in my house,
I don't know why it looks that way!
We just picked something quick and inexpensive up at Menards one afternoon. We are having beautiful ceramic tile installed in our master bathroom, and the hardwood throughout the powder room downstairs. But we decided since this will just be a guest/kids bath we could save a few bucks here and go with a basic look.

We installed the same flooring in the laundry room on the main level. Easy and under budget, unlike the rest of the house....

Guess what? Today is my Friday! HA!

Have plans for a long weekend? (I get Columbus Day off too, because I work for a financial institution!)
We have big big plans...see tomorrow's post!


  1. It's looking good! I love your wood floors too. Our Jack and Jill still isn't finished....4 years later. Eh.

  2. Have a great long weekend! It's one in Canada,'s our Thanksgiving!

  3. Your house is just coming right along! Have a fun long weekend, I'll be busy eating turkey and being too chubby-tired to do anything (except eat more pie). ;)

  4. Makin' progress! Those hardwoods are beautiiful.

  5. Could you please help me, I would like to do bamboo wood flooring for my home. Any other good suggestions.


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