Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Halfway through hardwood.

This Sunday afternoon Adam and two of his buddies installed the hardwood on the second floor.  

We chose a dark walnut distressed engineered hardwood. The brand is Pinnacle hardwoods

I would have loved to go with an even wider plank but money does not grow on trees! It's funny the wider the planks and the more distressed looking the hardwood, the higher the price. I guess distressed  look is hip.

Anyway, we made the right choice. We are very pleased with how they turned out. 

Take a look:

(Wait...Pretty much all of these photos don't even close to show the beautiful colors of my walls. I am camera dumb. I will figure that out later.)

across the catwalk.

Scout supervising as usual.

I have a feeling these might be tough to keep clean...

wiping down the dust on the landing.

this photo seems to show the best color.

from the steps.

all clean!

Adam said the install was pretty simple. I was surprised they were done so quickly while I was doing a project in the garage all day. Which I will share in the next week or so hopefully!

Next the stairs should be installed, this is not something we are attempting to DIY. But once those are installed the upstairs will be finished except for trim and carpet. And we have carpet scheduled for last week of October install....right before MOVE IN!

We will install the same flooring on the main floor in the dining/kitchen area, and throughout the great room and hallway.

How do you feel about engineered versus real hardwood?
What do you think about the wood tones? 
Do you like distressed look or the smooth clean look?
Did you notice Adam wears the same Margaritaville shirt in just about every photo lately? I think it's his favorite DIY shirt.


  1. 1) I got dizzy looking at these pictures because I'm afraid of heights and was scared the dog was going to fall off the catwalk and 2) Shark Steam Mop - best thing ever for cleaning dark floors!!! I love using mine and that's weird because cleaning in general is horrible.

    Gorgeous choice of flooring by the way, I love it.

    1. 1. my sister in law had to scoot down the steps she was so scared!

      2. and I am thinking of investing/ putting on my xmas wish list a shark too!

  2. Oh I love those floors!! I am obsessed with dark hardwoods or even engineered. If we didn't have 2 dogs with light colored hair and had the motivation to sand down and restain our floors, I would have that, but I will stick with my oaky floors for the time being... haha

    They look great! :)

    1. thank you! I think they will be tough to keep clean even though scout has dark guess is those little paw prints will get it dirty enough!

  3. They look fantastic! I totally get the appeal of engineered hardwood over real hardwood, but since we are only replacing the floor in one room of our house, we'll splurge on real hardwood, and hopefully something salvaged. That's my plan, for Mike? Who knows.

    1. plus, your house is so beautiful with all that original woodwork, i would stick with the real stuff too!

  4. I love your floors! I agree with the first person though, made me dizzy trying to figure out what was upstairs and what wasn't... and I was worried about everyone falling off! LOL

    1. haha no one has fallen off...yet. we need to get the railings in!

  5. Fancy Floors! That's the look I wanted for in our house but I got vetoed.
    Our floors are hard to keep clean too. I think I am going to invest in a shark steam mop and see if that helps any.

    1. everyone says to go with the shark, so we probably will too!

  6. Love your floors! Lucky I'm only looking at pictures on the internet, or you'd be mopping my drool off your shiny new floors ;)

  7. We went with engineered hand scrapped and I can see it now picking up a ton of dust. I plan to get a shark mop as well to keep the dust bunnies at bay.

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