Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Short work week!

Our Labor Day weekend was filled with family time, working on the house, and just plain relaxing in our jammies. We did a little laundry and closet cleaning out too..we are starting to think about purging so that packing won't be so bad!

Scout chilling on the dog catwalk.
Things are starting to get a little crazy around here. When we sat down and looked at our calendar, and looked at the list of things going on with the house, upcoming weddings, two out of state family events...not to mention packing and moving! We are going to be pretty busy, and probably pretty stressed and excited at the same time.

Is your September & October booked up too? 
Did you get yesterday off to enjoy in your PJ's?


  1. No PJs for me yesterday. I was busy painting closet shelves and tiling a shower so that we can hopefully move in soon! I am glad you guys are seeing lots of progress :).

  2. wow! your schedule sounds insane! hope it's all going well!

  3. You guys are going to be busy bees!! All good things planned though! For some reason, we decided to lounge on Saturday and Sunday and used Labor Day for the house labor (har har). Bad joke, I know!

  4. Yowza your going to be busy people! But when things settle back down and you breathe a sigh of relief you'll look back over all the hectic-ness that is to come and think how well worth it it all was. Scout is adorbs! Looks pretty happy in the new casa ;)


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