Thursday, September 27, 2012

back deck, dunzo!

Last weekend, we marked one more part of the home as pretty much finished (construction done)

The back deck is dunzo! 

A railing!
And the steps dilemma is no more. Many of you were so kind to give me your input on where the steps should be placed from the deck to the downstairs back pad and stairs alternatives too...fireman pole, slide, spiral staircase made of gold...

But, unfortunately, we did not choose any of those options. It is what I had originally wanted, and had to talk Adam into...

They are not blocking the only window in the basement guest suite. They are not running along the front of the deck looking ugly and being in the way. They aren't blocking the huge window area in my kitchen/dining.

They go just along the side. Because later, as in much later...we will create more steps in the retaining wall in the landscaping.

Sorta like this...
Via google images

But for now, we are just happy we solved the steps issue.

Ok, so the railing isn't up on the steps yet, but it's 99.9% finished construction wise!

Scout figured out the new steps quick and enjoyed spying from the deck,
then running down to the creek after squirrels.
We even took a few minutes to have a sit, and a drink, and snuggle to enjoy it.

The only thing left to really install is the railing on the steps, and the ceiling fan!

Do you think we made a mistake not going with the fireman pole? 
Who wants to take bets on how many years we live in the house before the "landscape stairs" are even started?


  1. Looks great! I wish we had a roof over part of our deck... one day... haha

  2. I think you guys made a great decision! I'm going to bed that the landscape stairs take 5-10 years to go in, haha. Other things will likely take priority!

  3. Great decision! Although, a fireman pole would be pretty freakin' cool.

    Love that he already had a beer on the deck. :P

  4. I think you made the perfect choice! Gotta keep all that natural light, and I didn't even notice them in the first picture, so you don't have to worry about them being in the way! :)

  5. That's a great space! You guys will love having it!

  6. Perfect choice. What an awesome space to hang out!

  7. Awesome idea! The fire pole would have been money, but I don't blame you for not wanting to be in the ER at 3 in the morning. Definitely would have happened with a fire pole.

    1. omg I can not imagine the injuries our friends would have. I am already thinking a bar in the basement could mean super trouble!!

  8. Great plan on the steps. Too bad I didn't think of it. I still think a slide would have been cool. Can't wait to see the end result.

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  10. Nothing beats sitting down on a deck while having coffee and talking to family members on a beautiful place like that! Living so close to nature is an amazing feeling. What more if you have a house that pretty and surrounded by trees and colorful flowers?

  11. "Scout" is a pretty good name for a dog, my friend. :) It's good to know that you're learning how to solve the problems, step by step. Man, I bet it's pretty cozy up there at the deck. Isn’t it just best place to read a novel while having a hot cup of coffee?

  12. You guys are awesome! We're remodeling our entire house, and we just finished our front porch, too! Following...

  13. :O What a coincidence! My Rottweiler's name is "Scout" too. I agree with Kristopher that with a house like that, what more could you ask for? :) If I owned this house, you'll definitely find me in the deck, sitting on a chair having a cup of coffee like a queen! :P


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