Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Let's hear it for the boys...and back patio!

This weekend many of our wonderful friends worked their asses off.
In the heat.
From 7 a.m. til the afternoon.
On a Saturday.
When they all were supposed to be off work, relaxing, sleeping off hangovers in.
For free cheap beer and pizza.
All for us. And our new beautiful pack patio.

They started to work on it a few evenings last week.
WARNING::: Blogger fail:
I couldn't be there for the actual pour because I had other "house building stuff" to do (like garage doors and front porch columns to pick out). Also I slept in that day. Just a little...

My job was just to bring the food. So, unfortunately I did not whip the camera out until most of the guys left...Because of me being late to the party you are missing out on photos of about 5 more sexy sweaty hardworking dudes. Sorry girls.

After it cured they cut it.

Why do they have to cut the nice smooth concrete?  Because otherwise it will crack when it expands.
I was kind of sad because it looked so nice as one giant slab...but it makes sense.

boys finishing up.

Sexy sweaty dudes.

Tommy instructed me to post this so Faith could see his muscles... Lol boys.

After it's all cut.

And all finished!

Scout was the foreman as usual.

Thank you boys. We appreciate your help more than you know. We can't wait to throw some parties on our sweet new back patio. Soon!

Now to figure out where those steps will go.


  1. Forget the steps... Do a slide, you know you want to.

    1. boys were chatting about the fire pole....but exchanging fire with stripper..

  2. Hooray for concrete!! It is such a bummer that you can't just have a huge slab, eh? Oh well, better than cracks I suppose!

  3. Yay for free labor!!! I'm glad Scout is there to supervise while you can't! ;)

  4. Oh wow it's so great! So spacious! Can't wait to see how you decorate it:)

  5. What a nice huge patio! Andy was watching over my shoulder while I read this, looking at the photos, and he gasped in alarm when he saw the dog poised to jump into the wet cement, then relaxed when I assured him that all is well. :)

  6. Your posts always make me laugh! "Post this so Faith can see my muscles" haha

    But on the real, your back patio is amazing. :)

  7. that's beautiful!!! and HUGE!!! Did I mention HUGE? Seriously, you are going to have some mega parties out there :)!

  8. NICE! I literally don't know what we would have done without the help of our friends. That is the best. It is looking good! Am I invited to the party?? I don't mind muscley men... ;)

  9. Vern Golden is really good at steps, I hear.


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