Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday Favorite

Our garage doors have been installed...and then we got new ones!

Yes, really. If you get real close. Like nose to the door close, you could see little white dots. Supposedly, this means they were not sealed correctly and over time, it could get worse. The overhead door company immediately contacted the manufacturer and they replaced them!

We are thankful they were honest and told us, because we may have not noticed it until much later when it would be too late.

What do you think of the doors? We decided to upgrade a little on the doors since the garage is so damn huge. We always said we didn't want a house that was "all garage"...but sometimes, I think that's what we ended up with.

Happy Friday! What are you doing this holiday weekend? We are working on house stuff, and my parents are coming to visit us and check out the progress!


  1. LOVE the garage doors you picked!

  2. Those are GREAT doors! I love how the handle and hinge details definitely give the impression of swinging doors.

  3. Good move on the door upgrade!! Eh, our house is all garage too. It happens.

  4. I LOVE the doors! We had the option to upgrade to carriage doors when we bought our house, but the ones the builder provided had windows, and were really expensive. I personally don't care for windows on garage doors, so we decided we could always update them ourselves later. These are exactly what I'd want! Great job!

  5. We are doing the same type of doors....good choice! I feel like our house is all garage too, it's so big, but hubs is happy so I am too. :)

  6. Your doors look great! It's pretty hard to have a triple car garage and have your house not be all garage. Unless you turn the garage and have the doors on the side but then you end up with more driveway and less yard. You can't win 'em all!!

  7. ohhhh i love them!!! i have never thought of a garage door as a style object, but these are amazing!


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