Monday, August 6, 2012

Drywall in progress

Just a forewarning this post has no photos of sweaty men like the last post. It's boring photos of walls. Not even real walls. But progress is progress.

They have started the drywall.

standing on the stairs looking at the loft.

one of the second floor bedrooms.
OK I lied. Here is a hottie photo for you.

My kinda man that Ryan Gos.

Next comes something else reallll fun. Picking out paint colors!


  1. He's so yummy! Girl your house is almost livable! :)

  2. Whoohoo, drywall is awesome!

  3. HAHAHAH love that photo. the drywall means it's starting to look REAL! with REAL walls! So exciting :)!

  4. What was this post about? Ryan is distracting me.

  5. Yayyyy for progress and delicious Ryan Gosling!

  6. haha I am not a Ryan fan (I know, I'm weird) but that picture is still pretty funny. :) Reminds me that I saw a chair on the curb yesterday that I meant to go get. I wonder if it's still there??

  7. I just happened on your blog and I am just starting the home building process. I have had a good time looking back over all of your posts and looking forward to it happening for me soon! Can't wait to see what you do with it once you get in!


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