Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Dessert shooter treats!

This past weekend, I hit the road 3 hours north to spend some time with my parents. We also threw a bridal shower for my cousin and his if you like desserts, and you like a little will like this post.

Note: There are no specific measurements here, due to us being Italian and just guestimating...

Kahlua Oreo Shooters
Jell-O brand Oreo Pudding mix
half & half
Kahlua (duh)
Cool whip or whip cream

Basically, we made the oreo pudding with half milk, and the rest half & half,
We then crushed a few rows of oreos..and soaked them in kahlua.
Tried to make them look cute by alternating the booze soaked oreos, pudding, then topped with whipped topping and garnished with a cherry.

We chilled them overnight and they were just as delicious the next day.

Anyone care for some Bailey's Irish Creme? How about some cheesecake or brownies?
How about all three?

Bailey's Brownies Cheesecake shooters
Tub of Philadelphia cheesecake filling
Box of brownie mix (& whatever it says on the box to make them)
Bailey's Irish Cream (or the generic stuff from Aldi's!)

We made a pan of brownies, let them cook and crumbled them. Soaked them with Bailey's irish cream for about a half an hour.
While the brownies soaked up to booze, we whipped the cheesecake filling.
We did the same thing to these as far as layering the yummy and topped with home made whipped cream. (We ended up adding a dot of gel food coloring instead of a cherry on these just before the shower)

Bailey's Brownies Cheesecake shooters


And now for a few shower photos of the dessert table to make you even hungrier...

My mom even thought of the little tiny spoons!

We had delicious red velvet cake balls, and chocolate covered strawberries mixed in there.
And a few homemade chocolate mints!


My mom created the centerpieces.

She did a great job, I was impressed.

(He is a boat racer)

Aunt Tam makes the best chocolate covered strawberries.

I almost forgot we made Italian Wedding cookies. Pizzelle cookies.
 We made those too. Click here for my recipe for pizzelle cookies.

I will leave you with one last photo of the delicious...

Have you ever made dessert shooters? 
Do you like to keep your booze and your desserts separate? 
Is your husband asking you to go get some ice cream now too?


  1. My friend makes jello shooters for every single event...and usually makes jello pudding shots, too!

    The ones you made look AMAZING.

  2. To answer your questions:

    No, but yours look delicious. Must try this sometime. Yum!

    I don't know that I've ever had a dessert with booze in it. But yeah, see previous answer.

    And no, but he usually does (boyfriend, not husband though). :D

  3. OMG, YUM! I have a new bottle of kahlua in my pantry right this moment... :)

  4. Seriously?! Red velvet cake balls. Chocolate covered strawberries. Anything involving oreos. I'm so jealous of the guests at that shower. ;)

  5. Dessert + booze? I LOVE this post!!! It's like it was written just for me. I'll have to try these, sooner rather than later.

  6. Those look absolutely delicious! Yum yum.


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