Monday, July 2, 2012

plumbing, electric, and a sneak peek at our kitchen layout

So, things are still moving along here, but...there is not much to show you. They have been working on the plumbing and the electric.

can lights down the hall.

Let there be light.

I know, such captivating photos to look at! Ha. That's how I feel when I walk into the house. Excited to see progress....But, there is only pipes and wires. Boo.

But here is a sneak peek of our kitchen layout. We ordered the cabinets last week. They take 8 weeks to come in, so sadly, you will not see them until we are closer to move in time. But, at least you get a peek at the layout.
We originally wanted the range in the island not the sink, but it just wouldn't work no matter what we did.
Oh darn, we didn't get one thing we wanted...

It looks like there are hardly any cabinets but it's really like 4x as much as we have now!

I did take some photos of the cabinet samples, so I will get those posted so you can see what style and colors we chose.

Do you have your range or your sink in your island? Do you like it or hate it? 


  1. Holy gigantic kitchen!
    That layout looks awesome - is there anything going in the corner? Looks like there are windows there.

    We don't have an island. Hooray for old houses with small eat-in kitchens ;) I think I would rather have the sink in the island though, it would motivate me more to not have any dirty dishes left in it since it'd be in the center of the room ;)

  2. Our range is in our island and we looooove it!! Your layout looks fab!

  3. Girl your kitchen is going to be so sweet. And to answer your question...we don't even have an island! BOO!! I think Ash is right though about not wanting to see dirty dishes in the sink!

  4. oh my goodness. the kitchen layout looks amazing...seriously awesome. the size of that island is making my toes curl with jealousy!

    As for the range, ours is currently in our island and there are pros and cons. Pro-- you can look at people at the breakfast bar while cooking. Con-- i don't like how it looks in comparison to a pretty free standing range. con-- it gets dirty all the time because we are constantly putting things on it that you would normally put on an island (ie- it gets in the way of chopping/stacking/etc.

  5. Our sink is in the island. I like it because I can watch tv while doing dishes. I lead an exciting life...

  6. Very fun layout for your kitchen! I dig it! What are the circles on the kitchen plan?? We will have an island and thought about putting a sink or range on it, but decided to leave it open with nothing on it so it will work great for entertaining and eating. But I love the idea!

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  8. You have a well-positioned plumbing system in your house, but the electric wirings are a bit scattered. Make sure those are properly set in place. Anyway, I like the layout of your kitchen. It’s very spacious and wide. Just make sure that the plumbing system in your kitchen is properly installed to avoid having to do repairs in the future.

  9. The layout is really interesting and exciting. How does the house look like now? I've been reading your older posts and saw your amazing house plans. Congratulations and a jobe well done to your architect! Hehe! How are you now? :)

    Yolande Leake @ Co-Construct


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