Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Windows and more

Windows were installed last week. 

White on the inside to match the trim.

Hey blanche, I see you!

French doors waiting to be installed.


plant ledge under front window/over entry.

a view from the catwalk into the living area.

And surprise! They started the front porch.

Dark brown trim on the exterior.

A view from behind the garage of the kitchen/dining and bedroom upstairs.

And guess the dirty little pigs these belong to?

Just Scouty getting his mud on.
It's not even muddy at all out there, but he always finds a small patch to run through...right before it's time to go home.

Back of home with windows installed. 
I know that curved window in the second story looks so tiny...but remember there will be a covered deck underneath. 
Well actually, there already is!

Boys were brave enough to check it out before everything was secured.
I however, am chicken.

We are glad we extended it a few feet last minute.

Excuse the trash pile.

Help us figure this one out:
Where do you think the stairs to the walkout should be? Do you think if we put them along the front it will look funny? We don't want the future guest suite in the basement to be in the dark by putting them on the South side. And if we put them on the North side they will be partially in front of the dining windows. Maybe just a fire pole or slide instead?
Le sigh. We just don't know.
What do you think?

 Sunday afternoon. 

 So what do you think about the steps? Does your dog or pet search high and low for mud especially when your car has just been cleaned?


  1. It's coming right along. I know nothing about steps but what if you did several steps off the side and then a landing then turn the rest back to the bottom. Confused? me too.. oh well good luck with what you decide!

  2. I like the idea of a landing (but a slide would be my first choice) ;) Looks awesome!!

  3. Wow, what an amazing house this is turning into! & I love all of the windows in the kitchen/dining room. And that deck is amazing!

  4. I am infinitely jealous of how awesome your house will be!

  5. My dog can find mud in an asphalt parking lot. I love that wall of windows in the kitchen/dining!

  6. Oh man! Totally cleaning drool off my keyboard.

    As for the stairs, I'm on Team Slide. Hah. Scout would love it!

  7. I lurve all the windows!! and that back deck is going to be amazing!! I'm kinda confused by what you mean where you might put the stairs?? Sorry I'm no help on this one :/

  8. That deck is going to be a GREAT place to hang out! I think the stairs would look better on the North side rather than the front. Switch-back stairs would be less awkward than straight run, too. Oh, I really like the windows, by the way!

  9. The windows look great! We did the same, white on the inside and dark brown on the outside.
    I love your walk out and deck! I would probably not have steps at all and just have an enclosed upper deck and a lower walkout. Depending on how you want to use the space it could be a bit inconvenient but it would look better from the outside.

  10. Moving SO quickly!! Looks fantastic!

  11. WOW, I am way behind! I think last I saw basement cement had been poured. Looks great. I lovelovelove the covered decks. Can't wait to see it come together. I remember how pumped we were to get windows up! We just had drywall hung and are working on floors, all of which feel super monumental. Best of luck!

  12. Love looking at house-building pictures! My best friend and her husband just built a home, too. It's SO exciting!

    Your outdoor spaces in the back look gigantic! Holy cow am I jealous!!
    I don't have any suggestions on stair placement though... I can't even imagine all the thought that has to go into every detail like this!


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