Monday, June 25, 2012

bathroom cabinets

We purchased our Master bathroom vanities and our second floor bathroom vanity last weekend.

Have you heard of Schrock or Masterbrand Cabinets? Well, there is a "cabinet factory outlet" warehouse about 45 minutes from where we live.  Basically, they have a whole boatload of overstocks,  cancelled orders, etc for wholesale pricing open to the public.

Cabinets cabinets everywhere.
 And so we walked around two large warehouse rooms full of cabinets for about an hour. We had no idea what we were even looking for except we wanted a vanity for the master bath, and one for the second floor bath. They didn't necessarily need to match, but we wanted them to blend together.

The problem with the warehouse is that cabinets are scattered everywhere. Wall cabinets, pantry cabinets, base cabinets....everywhere. Hardly in any order. And walking through a maze of cabinets you get a little confused.

But, luckily when we were at the warehouse we were the only ones there so we had a little extra attention from the staff. They helped us find matching cabinets. And even loaded them up for us.
One piece loaded up.

We ended up with matching for the second floor bath and the master bathroom. The master bathroom vanity is going to be huge. Eight whole feet of vanity so that me and Adam never again have to share a small 3 foot vanity to get ready. Honestly right now we are both so crabby in the morning because we have one tiny bathroom to get ready.

We also purchased a 48'' vanity for the second floor bath. Now, the second floor bath is probably going to be a little tight, but it's just going to be a guest bath for now. Later on, it will be a bathroom for our someday future cutie kids. We almost purchased a smaller vanity. But I reminded Adam that what if we have like 3 girls? Where will they all brush their hair and apply glitter eyeshadow that they purchased from Claire's before the Jr High YMCA Dance?
So we opted for a larger vanity with a slightly more cramped layout. Thinking ahead we are.

We are all about deals at our house. We will probably end up spending more on the countertops/sinks than we did on the cabinets! But this way we can stretch our budget in other parts of the house.

Do you like searching for deals? Did you apply glitter eyeshadow before your parents dropped you off at the YMCA dances? You need vanity space for that!


  1. Whoohoo! This stuff is the really fun part.

  2. Yay for picking out the fun stuff! LOVE the color on them.

  3. Girl I'm all about those wholesale prices!! Your master bath vanity sounds heavenly :) You are so thinking ahead, and coming from a girl who grew up with 3 other sisters, those few extra inches of vanity space are very important!! We had our glitter eye shadow and glitter lipgloss spread out all over the place!

  4. You're getting to the part of picking out the interior stuff! So fun!

  5. I LOVE the Schrock outlet. My parents outfitted their entire kitchen in hickory cabinets including the countertops (Beechy's in Arcola for the countertops), for about $1,000.

  6. glitter eye shadow...LOL, those were the days! wow, this place is awesome....i need to find out if there is something similar near me!

  7. Ha! I love the planning ahead. I see my children coming down the stairs before dances. WEIRD!!

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  9. What a cool place! I think I'd be like a kid in a candy store! Great find.

  10. This is so awesome! Just finished going through your blog and I'm mighty impressed. I'm going to enjoy following your process! Teresa

  11. Vanity space is key!!!!!!!!!! And I love me a good deal!!! My husband searches deal forums before we purchase ANYTHING..I - mean - ANYTHING!!

  12. A furniture style vanity is meant to look like a piece of furniture and is freestanding making it very easy to install. They are a quick and easy way to upgrade the bathroom without having to make changes to other surroundings in the bathroom.


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