Thursday, May 31, 2012

Trusses are in

Trusses came in yesterday afternoon so they are making progress again!

They poured the front porch cap too.

It kind of looks off with no windows on that part of the house,
 but it will be all stone with a window above the porch roof.

Steps to the upstairs! Now I don't have to climb the scaffolding.

Standing on catwalk looking into part of the great room.

Standing in my kitchen!

Going up & down.

Standing upstairs on catwalk looking at entry.

Loft area we added at the last minute.

Real beams in the basement now.

 I didn't take any photos of the two upstairs bedrooms I guess. I will next time.

Oh hey Scout!

Back of garage.

Hmm...where is the mud?

Oh that's right there is always mud by the creek!

Back so far.

The back will have the same large window above the back deck.

Side of home. This is the master and closet area sticking out.

Back up close.
Today is already Thursday. Woohoo for a short work week!


  1. Holy crap lady! It's looking like a HOUSE! :D

  2. Holy cow! It's really coming along.

  3. Awesome, it looks so great!

  4. Looks great! You are going to have a killer view out of that kitchen!

  5. You all are moving along quickly! I think it took us 3 months to get to all of this!

  6. It's really looking like a house!! That's got to be an AWESOME feeling.

  7. Your home is looking amazing...thrilled to find and follow along on this journey!!

  8. HOLY schizters!!! That is *HUGE* difference from the last time I checked in, good golly miss molly!!! It's an actual *HOUSE*!!! That is so stinkin' awesome...makes for a much better weekend knowing that progress is being made again!

  9. Wow, you guys are getting so much done so fast! Exciting!


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