Thursday, May 24, 2012

Stairs, Catwalks, and Amish holidays

Monday & Tuesday framing.

Always double checking.

Start of the catwalk.

Notice anything different here?

Coat closet in foyer and 1/2 hallway bath.

Master bedroom.

Master closets.

1/2 hallway bathroom, shares a wall with the toilet room which shares a wall with the  walk in shower on the end. 


Standing in great room looking into the kitchen/dining.

Switched basement steps.

Standing in the kitchen looking into great room.

Back of garage.

Side view of the back.

Side view of the  back.

Laundry room off the kitchen.
That indent will make the fridge flush with the pantry cabinets.

Start of upstairs steps.

 This will connect the two upstairs bedrooms and bathroom.
I climbed the scaffolding and walked on it.

Basement walls.

Behind this wall in the basement will be storage.

And that is all the work they will complete until after Memorial Day weekend...
Our trusses are Amish made. It turns out the Amish do not work on Ascension Thursday which was May 17. So our Trusses are a few days behind schedule. Boo.


  1. Delays are frustrating but you guys are still making some great progress!

  2. Holy huge! Can't wait to see the rest as it gets exciting! And good move on switching the stairs!


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