Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday Favorite

Happy Friday!

My first order of business during my holiday weekend is a bike ride.
Check out this beauty.

My wonderful husband got it for me for my birthday this week. I love it.

My purple old lady bike.
My sister & my wine brother both suggested I get a horn or bell.  I'm not sure if they were making fun of me or not...Someone also pointed out Scout will not fit in that basket. Scout's feelings were hurt. He already knows hes a little on the tubby side lately...

Anyways, Happy Friday!
What does everybody have planned for the long holiday weekend? Cookouts? Garage Sales? Parties? Am I invited? I will bring booze, in my bike basket.


  1. I love it! After our last vacation when we rented bikes for a week and rode everyday, I have really been thinking of getting us some bikes for here at home. What kind is yours? I really like the old lady-ness of it.

    1. It's actually a huffy! They had schwinns just as cute but the colors were a little too neon

  2. That is a FANTASTIC bike! Maybe I would go for a bike ride with Mike if my bike looked like this...

  3. So cute!! We'll just be building our house and stuff... please feel free to ride your bike over to hang out! With a basket full of booze, of course. ;)

  4. I love it! I have been looking for an old lady bike that, all the ones I love are $$$$ though. Have fun with your basket o' booze!

  5. I love your cruiser! We'll be riding through the beach streets with the booze in hand, so please come join us!! ;)

  6. That bike is legit! Love it!

  7. Love the bike! You also need some streamers coming out of the handles.


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