Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Framing 123

They started framing Monday!

Day 1

that room will be the future guest suite

boys talking shop

basement exterior from the back yard area

Scout double checking the measurements are correct.

opening for basement french doors.

View from garage.

first nook will be steps.

Checking stuff out

 Day 2

exterior has not changed much

future guest bedroom & bath

 Day 3

We can walk on it!

Soon to be steps with a landing
it feels like a real basement now!

Mom, I told you we were building your room first!

Adam We decided this corner will be the bar area

"OMG It's really happening. I'm standing in my house!"
 And yes, I do have clothes on.

We can't believe how much work they've done in just 3 days. Some of the basement will be just storage, but most of it will be finished off at some point. We know the bar won't be in when we move in, but we'd like to get at least the basics in the basement in right away.

I can not wait to see what it will look like by memorial day weekend!

Gosh, I really do look nakee in that photo.


  1. This Is so exciting! Lol on the naked comment! It's your house do what you want!

  2. Nakedness. What kind of blog is this?

    This is the stage where I freaked out that the rooms weren't big enough...but I also freaked out because we were going to have a house and I wouldn't have to live with my in-laws for the rest of my life.

  3. I am always flabbergasted by how quickly houses can be built!

  4. That's awesome! Went with the extra window downstairs? Love it!

  5. Wit woooo! :)

    Ok so you totally have a house now. How long between the basement walls poured until framing? I can't stand the wait! :)

    1. Just a couple of weeks for us! I'm sure they will get started before you know it!

  6. Looking good...I know you are stoked about it. I would be! Funny because we are doing our lake spot too. I actually got to help them frame it, not just supervise! YAY for your first phase. Can't wait to see more.

    1. I would be afraid to help with such big projects since I am not a hard labor kind of girl. But go you!!

  7. That's really exciting! It's coming along great. :)

  8. Frolicking around your new basement naked. tsk tsk. ;)

    You guys have had a ton of progress! How exciting is that?! So neat to see it going up!

  9. Exciting! You guys are making some great progress!

  10. That is SOOO exciting!! holy crap they got a lot done in 3 days!! I can only imagine how excited you guys are!!

  11. This is fantastic! I can only imagine how excited you two are :D

    All these build updates are making me itch to build now instead of in 5-10 years. ;)


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