Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Exterior Elevations

Last week, I was finally able to share the pretty much final floor plan. Today you get to see the elevation rendering.

Front and back.

Side views.
We made a couple changes after we received these proofs. For example, the pitch of the roof of the walk-in closets is actually only a 6 (same as the roof of the garage). This leaves room for a window above it for the second floor bedroom.

We are still trying to decide if we should add another window in the basement (underneath the extra large dining area window) to even things out. When the basement is finished, there will be a bar/sitting area on the other side. We just aren't sure. What do you think?
And we better decide quick. They start now.


  1. Looks really awesome! I think it would look great to add another window from the OUTSIDE....but it just depends if it works with that area on the inside. Either way, your house rocks! :)

  2. I definitely think you should add a window - it would really even things out. It looks great though, so jealous that you're able to build!

  3. Adding more natural light to a basement is always a good thing IHMO; not only would adding a window to the basement balance the overall look from the exterior, but it will give the bar/lounge area a bit of a view as well as daylight.

    Either way it will be awesome (I mean come on, doesn't "custom wet bar" say it all?)

  4. I'm going to have to agree with everyone else - add it! I don't think anyone has ever said "darn I wish there wasn't so much light in this room". Unless it was supposed to be a darkroom.

  5. I say add it!! I really like natural light so I'd add it if that's the look you want in the basement, but if you want it to be a little darker, then maybe skip it? I love your house!

  6. Good gosh, woman! It looks amazing - and huge!!! I really cannot wait to see it come together. So excited for you!

  7. i am going to agree as well and say, add a window! unless you want it as a theatre room or something ;)

  8. Holy huge house Batman!! We were supposed to have another large window in our basement but the foundation dudes screwed it up...and I wish it was there. Is that helpful?

  9. Yes ADD IT!.... Faces West Right?.... to wacth the Sun Setting....... you can always have blinds/drapes ...which is an added expense of course.
    It is fanytastic to keep this blog! Nice!

  10. Oh my goodness. I love your plans Trina and Adam. I too think the additional light is a good thing. The house is going to be beautiful.
    Love ya, Aunt Mo

  11. WOW! That just makes it so much more real and final, doesn't it??? SO AWESOME! It's coming along!


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