Tuesday, May 8, 2012

2 years

Two years ago today we tied the knot. I wasn't a blogger back then, so here is May 8, 2010... 
If you don't want to see a bunch of mushy wedding photos you can disregard this post. 

We will be back to regular house stuff tomorrow!

Girls started hair & makeup EARLY.
I know I should look more happy as the bride, but 6 am came fast.

More wedding photos this way...

Everyone a little more cheery as the morning went on.

Making sure my veil stays put.

Girls getting finishing touches.

J.LO assisting the men.

Best man telling jokes.

My dad and me.

I did not know he would dip me for the kiss!

Mr. & Mrs!

Girls staying warm. 

Through downtown.

Boys had some fun on the train.

Photos at my mom & dad's house.




cool boys.


Who's next?

Dancing with dad.

Then, my family showed Adam's family how crazy we really are.

We are kinda rednecks...

My mom & Grandma stumpfiddlin'

Dancing the night away. (nice moves EJ)

Adam and his dad took over the music...

My FIL and Adam serenading me.

ending the night with a kiss.

All photos by the talented Stephanie & Danny @  Lifeworks Imaging
(p.s. if you visit their website you will see yours truly!)

Maybe we will get through his house building crazypants couple of months together and still like each other in the end.
So, happy anniversary to my wonderful husband Adam. Can't wait to spend the rest of our days in this home we are building together.

Back to house stuff tomorrow. Today we are busy eating our two year old cake top. Yes, it's been in the freezer for two years. It was delicious last year and we wrapped it back up for this year!

Have you ever seen a stumpfiddle? At a wedding?
Would you eat two year old cake? Does cookies & cream filling change your mind?


  1. Happy Anniversary! I love all of the wedding pictures - and the one of the groom and groomsmen drinking would so be my boyfriend and his friends.

    Your dress was gorgeous, by the way, I love all of the layers.

  2. Happy anniversary! It looks like you two had a very fun wedding, lovely pictures :)

    I will admit, I've never seen a stump fiddle--at a wedding or otherwise. Enjoy the cake!

  3. Happy anniversary!!! That picture with your dad is so sweet!

  4. i love you both very much!! What a fun day! It brought tears to my eyes looking at these pictures! We will get to do it again in the fall! Cant wait to be all together again!

    Happy Anniversary guys!

  5. Happy anniversary! Your wedding looked like such a good time, and you and your dress were gorgeous :)

  6. Aw, Happy anniversary! All your pics are so fun! That train thing is awesome too!

  7. Wedding looked beaut! LOVE the, um..I don't know what it's called, but that musical looking thing. Looks like everyone was having a blast!

  8. Awww, so pretty! Happy anniversary!!!

  9. Congratulations on two years! What a beautiful wedding!

  10. happy anniversary!! we will be at 2 years in 2 months :)! hope you did something special and that the cake was just as delish the second year!!

  11. this is too fun! Hope you had a wonderful anny!


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