Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wine/whine week.

So we went for a drive this evening and took photos of the house progress. Then we came home and I uploaded the photos. Then deleted the photos from my SD card. But only before I realized they didn't even upload to iphoto...

So, no photo update. Sad face. It has been that kind of week...

On Monday I had a cold and had to take a sick day. Oh no, it wasn't the kind of sick day where I really watched trashy tv all day and read celeb gossip on ohnotheydidnt. It was the kind of sick day I spent in bed with a box of Puffs and my bff Nyquil.

Tuesday night, after working late, I decided to do a little Queen Helene to get my face looking fresh. I filled the bathroom sink with water to rinse...and dropped my phone right in it. My poor bb Iphone had to spend the night in a bag of rice.
(side note: rice does work!)

Today, I came home to a Dear John letter from a job I had applied for.
And then the photo disaster happened.

The only thing getting me through this week is a big bottle of wine.

More photos and updates coming soon. I think!

P.S. I suppose the plus side of the photo disaster is me getting around to making a new header!


  1. Sorry your week is poo! Hope it starts looking up soon!! And if not, there is always wine. ;)

  2. What a bummer! I know how you feel when you're just having "one of those weeks" on the bright side it's Friday tomorrow, and a nice glass of wine can really put things into a different perspective. ;)

    1. Oh there will be wine! I think next week will be amazing compared to this week :)

  3. What a stinky week. Is it not true that if bad things are going happen, they happen all at once?? We were there recently ourselves. Keep your chin up, as well as your supply of wine! ;)

    1. Thanks Amy. I'm thinking next week has to be wonderful compared to this week. Otherwise, more wine.

  4. oh no, i would have been devastated!! these are the weeks when i am thankful to be married to a wine distributor haha :)


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