Friday, April 6, 2012

Hoppy Easter!

I love Easter!
  1. I get to see my family.
  2. It means Spring is here!
  3. Candy.
  4. Easter Dresses.
  5. Easter basket hunt***
***Although my sister and I are both technically adults---My mother puts together a huge treasure hunt for our Easter baskets each year. The basket hunt consists of clues and singing Easter tunes in our PJ's--usually at grandma's or a neighbor's house...and sometimes running around in public in Easter bonnets & PJs. Last year my sister, Adam & I had to drive through the timber on my dad's golf cart. Anything for that basket! 

And now I leave you with a few Easter photos for your entertainment.

2010 "Easter bonnets"

Matching tie-dye Little Mermaid sweatshirts & amazing dollhouse brought by the Easter bunny.
Early 90's.

No, that is not young Sally-Jesse Raphael. That is yours truly, stylin'.

Does your family have any goofy Easter traditions? 
Did your parents force you to wear the fugliest glasses ever as a child?  How about stone washed jeans? 
What is your favorite Easter candy? Robins eggs FTW!

Everyone have a Happy Easter weekend! 


  1. Sally-Jesse Raphael! LOL!!! This sounds like so much fun! My brother and I usually still get Easter baskets, but we don't have to work for them. ;)

    Happy Easter!!

    1. I still can't believe I wore those glasses ugh. Happy Easter!

  2. I think of you & our beloved Lancaster 31 every time the Easter candy hits shelves! Hope you started your candy binge early this year, bb.

    <3 Nance

  3. You still get an easter basket?! My parents and I need to talk.

  4. I love your pictures!!! We have never done an Easter hunt! I'm missing out. We would get gifts, but they would be on the table.... not hiding behind the bushes!

  5. I love Easter too! I loved all of your pictures, pretty sure I rocked the matching Little Mermaid lunchbox in school. Have a great Easter!


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