Thursday, February 2, 2012

New boots.

Adam and I went to Rural King on Sunday and purchased ourselves some muddin' boots.
We both, especially me, have plenty of boots--but we knew we would be running around in the mud this spring when the construction starts. So for only 12.99 each, we picked up boots for muddy days.

New cheapo mud boots.
The only sucky part was they only make mens cheapo ones. So I had to get a size 6 in mens and wear an extra pair of socks. Girls like mud too Rural King!


  1. Mud boots are a MUST here (our north yard turns into a swimming pool every spring). I here you on having to buy smaller mens sizes! I have a pair of CSA steel toe & plate rubbers in a mens 5 since there is apparently no such thing as women's rubber work boots (okay I am sure there is such a thing, but not that I have ever seen here).

  2. I love rain boots! I found a cute pair with gardening stuff on them at Tractor Supply last year for $15 and I wear them all the time.

  3. One of the first things my hubby bought me was a pair of muck boots. Apparently all my cute, stylish little boots just didn't cut it in his book. ;) I wear them all the time now!


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