Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Craigslist chairs help

So, to start this blog post I should inform you that if you have a chair fetish, or an obsession with chairs, you will pass it on to your children. My mother loves chairs, and now I've found that I do too. I didn't need new dining room chairs, but for $20 total for all 4 of these beauties I could not resist...

20 dolla for all 4!

fugly floral.
Now, some people shiver at the thought of wicker backed chairs, but maybe it's the same little old lady inside of me that also has a jewelry collection of pearls, but I don't just like wicker. I love it.

But, that floral seat. Um, sick.

So, what to do to make over these chairs? My sister suggested I cover them in glitter, like I did with a pair of kmart heels I wore as a bridesmaid. I think she was only half kidding, plus that could get pretty messy.
My wine brother Seth also pointed out a glittery dining area would not go well with the Kentucky Derby themed party we have planned. More on that later.

So what should I do to make these chairs not so old lady? And if you say get rid of the wicker, we are fighting.

Sand them down, stain them and replace the seat with a solid print? Can I even stain the backs? Hmm..I know I can replace that wicker stuff easily if I need to.
Paint them a dark chestnut brown? Solid or print on the seat?
Maybe a bright print?



  1. The great thing about these chairs are the bones! You can do anything you want, and they'll still look great because the style is so cool! Do you have any idea where you're going to use them yet? Or what that future room might look like? Might be a good place to start to pick out fabric and color.

  2. Amy is 100% right, you can do anything with these chairs -- but I too would decide where they're going to be before picking out fabrics & colours (sure you could always redo them ..again..but do you want to?), do you envision them on a covered veranda? in a kitchen nook? around a dining table or scattered throughout different rooms of the house?

    I'm not 100% sure if you can stain\re-stain wicker, but you could definitely spray paint it.

  3. Great deal on those! Jealous.

    I am a fellow old soul, and wicker reminds me of my childhood at my grannies. If those were my chairs, I would spray paint those bad boys white and do a fun print fabric to match the room you are putting them in.

  4. Those are great chairs, what a buy! How about painting them white and then adding a pink velvet seat with a welt.

    These are cute

    I'll buy one when they're done!

  5. I have a chair I bought at a yard sale that is almost the exact same style. It is now painted black and has a beautiful lime green, grey and black floral print for the seat. I love husband hates it! #Winning

  6. i loooove these! so beautiful! i personally would probably spray paint the wicker backs white and then do a graphic print seat...maybe something in houndstooth like a navy/white?

  7. Thanks for in the input ladies, I think I have a good idea of what I will do with them. I'll be sure to update you!

  8. Oh you know that I would definitely do somethin' cray cray with those little beauts...I'm thinkin' some fun color paint *AND* some fun fabric...but sounds like you've already made up your mind, dollface, can't wait to see what you do with them!


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