Friday, December 23, 2011

1 Minute ornament craft.

1. Have husband cut wood of your choice with fancy new chainsaw.

I only needed a few...

2. Have husband drill a hole for you.

3. Thread twine through the hole. If you are like me and do not know how to sew even a button... there is no reason for you to own a needle. Use the bobby pin from your hair. 


Green twine. Tie a little bow.


Merry Christmas!

We made three. One for us, and one for my parents' tree and his.  There you go free, 1 minute ornament.

I know my mom likes to have an ornament from important events in our lives on her tree. For example my first shoes hang from the tree, a "diamond ring" I purchased for my mom one year at Santa's workshop in 2nd grade. There are bows from our wedding day, and lace from my parents wedding all on the tree.  And of course, those wonderful handmade ornaments my sister and I made at school. I will have to post some pictures so you can see. It's quite pretty.


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