Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Fall is leaving.

Two weekends ago was the last warm weekend in southern Illinois for awhile. We spent one day out in the woods and the other on the couch with hangovers...an open bar at a wedding filled with your college friends will do this to a perfectly good Sunday.

Although the weather wasn't great this past weekend, Adam still worked the entire weekend out on the ground and took down the last of the trees that need to be chopped.

The next step is to have the stumps ripped from the ground and to put in the lane. We are currently getting bids and hope to have the lane done before Christmas! Well, not totally finished since we will not have the rock poured until the house is built next year.

Official picture taker/Diet Coke drinker

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  1. Taking pictures is a very important job. How else will you preserve those precious memories?


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