Thursday, November 3, 2011

Fall brings in a new look

While Adam and Scout have been out to the ground every weekend working, I have not. So when I had a chance to go with Adam this past weekend I noticed a huge difference. Not just in the work he had been doing, but the changes the season has brought. 

More trees were cut down.

You can now see the field behind the timber. This is the clearing where the house will sit.

Pretty leaves and boots!

Adam filled the tractor with firewood to haul to grandpa's.

Scout chowed on more twigs. I swear we feed him

We burned more brush, this time at the end of the lane.

Someone looks tired from all the deer chasing.


  1. Cute boots! Scout's thinking: Look mama, don't bother buildin' a house. This land is AWESOME.

  2. Woot! Love the boots! How much land do you guys have?? Looks like a lot!!

  3. Thanks Ladies. They are from the fine French department store Targ├ęt lol. Amy, we have just have a few acres but it seems like a million with all these trees we have to take down!

  4. HI, SCOUT!

    Love reading up on all of your grown-up decisions, Trina! Can't wait to visit your land/house/timber someday and bring you yogurt brownies.

    jk lol ew


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