Sunday, July 10, 2011

Step 2. Pick the plan.

We pour over these books in front of the tube every evening.

I thought picking a house plan would be fun, and it was at first. But now it's just plain stressful.
Since this will be our forever home, we want to plan for the future. Parties, family get togethers, and even babies (!)
The layout seems to be the most important part to us at the moment.

And then there are so many other choices. I like craftsman and the new american look, Adam leans more toward more elegant looking homes. So, we have to find a middle.

One story, two story, story and a half? Brick, siding, stone, or a combination?

Do we really need a 4th bedroom or den/study area. Do we want the master on the first or second floor?

Not to mention trying to compare cost difference and staying within our budget. (Trying our hardest to avoid PMI)

Have any house planning stories to share? What is your dream layout?

I'd really like a balcony off the master for wine sipping in my bathrobe!


  1. I used I could stare at floor plans all day.

    We found one that we really liked and modified it to include everything we were looking for. We made a list of everything the house we were living in was lacking...and we made sure to include all of those in our current house.

    E-mail if you have specific questions that you would like help with. I seriously love floor plans...maybe that's my new calling. :P

  2. Don't worry that website is in our bookmarks!

    We plan to choose a few and show them to our builder to see if he can help us combine them.

    I love looking at floor plans--- I just wish I could find those houses & take a quick walk through it to really feel it!


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